Training Methods


Once you have a space available within your business, we bring our projectors, screens and content to you. Allowing your team to get training in a convenient and comfortable environment.

Off Site:

We will book office spaces or hotel meeting rooms to conduct training but we want to avoid your team doing any unnecessary travelling by providing a training location that is as close to your business as possible.  

Pre & Post Shift Package:

Classes conducted based on your businesses operating hours and shift schedules allowing your team to get training before they start their shift. This allows you to incorporate training into your weekly rosters without affecting your payroll. Available for all shift schedules including night porter and early morning shifts.

(HACCP class @ 4 hours.  If you don’t open your doors until 12 and most of your staff are scheduled for the weekend. Master hospitality class can start @ 8.30 am finishing by 11.30 am and then your staff can go about their usual work day. Maximum amount of 30 participants per class.)

Full day In House Package:

Get your staff certified in your own building in one day. Depending on what training you need we can conduct classes over a 12 hour period- You allocate your staff into the training time slots.

(Manual Handling @ 3 hours – we will hold 3 classes over the day and you can slot team members into each class depending on what time they are scheduled to work that day. Maximum amount of 30 participants per class.)

Personalized Training Program: 

We offer a variety of training packages tailored to your brand which is based on your businesses operating procedures, standards of practices, and your overall business objectives. Each package ensures personalized and tailored training, based on your staffs learning abilities and skills, with the aim of enhancing their skills and knowledge while also instilling a genuine love and passion for your brand.

We also offer uniquely tailored packages where your team get to work with our highly trained hospitality professionals on a one to one basis through a serious of training programs.

Guest Lectures:

Our award winning professionals with experience in brands such as the Hilton and the Marriott pride themselves in  developing young professionals into businesses and the ever-evolving hospitality industry. Our Guest lectures are aimed to motivate, educate and inspire your team. We also offer this service to colleges and recruitment agencies.