Communications Training

Communication Training:

There are many forms of communication and the manner in which we communicate with our customers can be the difference between a repeat customer or a once of visit. Communication is the key to good quality service and customer satisfaction.

Master hospitality’s communication training is tailored to match your existing procedures and service standards. Representing your brand values and vision through your team, by ensuring your team uses the right communication techniques, in relation to language, tone of voice and body language; to ensure perfect customer interactions time after time.

Example of topics covered:

  • Types of communication
  • The importance of Communications
  • Methods of Communications
  • How to Communicate the right way
  • Representing your brand through communications
  • Social Media communication techniques
  • Understand the Importance of body language
  • Appropriate and effective forms of body language
  • How to read your customers through communication
  • How to understand your customers wants and needs through communication
  • Creating connections with customers with communications
  • Role Play exercises to demonstrate learning

Methods & Prices:

Please Note:

Our Prices vary depending on the establishment, Payroll budgets, the volume of staff and your training needs.

If part of your personalized training program the price is incorporated into your agreed upon budget.

Classroom-based 8 Hours: €85 per person

Maximum Participants of 12 * Group Discounts available please contact us directly.

Training Programs– determined by the volume of staff;  Varies Between €800 – €1,200 for groups of 12 or more.  As each business is different, we do not have set times on our courses. We customize the training to suit you and your team.

Certificate/ Qualifications:

Participants receive a Master Hospitality certificate in Communication skills at a 5* level