Barista Training

Our Barista Training is designed to ensure your team not only have the skills and knowledge to pour perfect coffee but also have the love and passion to create the perfect coffee experience for your customers each and every time.

Training Content:

  • How coffee is harvested and processed.
  • Roasting techniques
  • Processing coffee
  • Introduction to brewing methods
  • Preparing your coffee machine
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Cleaning and storing of coffee
  • Espresso trends, shots & Ratios
  • The science of milk and coffee changes
  • Steaming, frothing and giving texture to milk
  • Being creative with a latte
  • Coffee menu – Americano, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Mocha etc.
  • Coffee Art
  • Creating a Coffee Experience


As each business is different, we do not have set times on our courses. Times can vary from three hours to three weeks depending on your training needs. We customize the training to suit you and your team.

Please Note: Our Prices vary depending on the establishment, Payroll budgets, the volume of staff and your training needs. Please contact us directly for more details.

If part of your personalized training program the price is incorporated into your agreed upon budget.

Classroom-based- 8 hours- Maximum Participants of 5 @ €100 per person

One to One Skills Training– Starting price @ €200

Training Programs– determined by the volume of staff; Varies between €500 – €2500 and so on.

Certificate/ Qualifications:

Participants receive a Master Hospitality certificate in barista skills at a 5* level.